Monday, 8 July 2013

Desktop Computer Motherboards all Drivers (Solved)

Its a Very Difficult task to find and download it. There are many types of motherboard in the market and there are many drivers for one motherboard like Sound Driver , Ethernet Driver , Graphics Card Driver , Bluetooth Driver and other drivers.

First of all You need to find your motherboard company name and its model , For this Open the side cover of your CPU and look for Motherboard Name and Model Number . If you got it and then note it down. If its not there then Download and install this software named PC-WIZARD or other CPU monitoring software to find motherboard name and its model number.
After downloading and installing open that software its look like that :-

In this Picture we can see that the software shows us the motherboard name is MSI and its model number is 760GA-P43 . In yours computers it will be different . Mostly Used Motherboard is  Intel 945 , Intel G31 , Intel G41 , Intel 845 , ASUS and its Model , MSI and other.

if yours Computer shows Intel DG41RQ You need to find that Model into google like this keyword :-

Click on the link and after that Select windows version which one is installed on your system .

Click on drivers and then click on that driver you want to download .

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