Sunday, 7 July 2013

Boot Setting to Install Windows from CD/DVD or Pendrive device

Installing Windows into your Desktop computers or Laptops . First of all You Need some necessary items like Windows CD/DVD or Pen Driver From Where You Want to Install Windows. There are some simple steps you can boot From that device from where you want to install window.

Turn your Computer on and you will see a pop-up menu similar like that

There are two options 1st is Press DEL to enter Setup and 2nd one  is Press F11 To Enter Boot Menu .
With the help of both you can boot yours boot device.
(Note :- There are different button to enter Setup or Boot menu in Different Computers .Mostly  DEL, F2 ,F3 F11,F12 Button used to enter both menus .  )

Press DEL button and you will see another window like that

You need to find Boot menu or Boot Device .
After that you will change boot Sequence and put CD-DVD  device on 1ST number with the help of that keys which are shown on the bottom (-/+)
If you want to install window from pen drive then put pen driver in while starting the computer and name of the pen drive will show in the boot menu select it .
After changing that You will save  Settings Pressing F10 as shown on the bottom of bios menu.

After saving computer restart and it asked to PRESS ANY KEY TO BOOT FROM CD......


If you will press F11 to Enter boot menu 

A window shows like that

After that you will press enter on that device from which  you want to install window

Ask Question in comments if you got any problem

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